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Update Rollup 10 for System Center 2016 has been released!

The Update Rollup 10 for Microsoft System Center 2016 has been released!

The Update Rollup 10 will include fixes for the following System Center components:

  • Data Protection Manager (SCDPM)
  • Operations Manager (SCOM)
  • Service Manager (SCSM)
  • Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)


Data Protection Manager

Issues that are fixed

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Disk Utilization Report was not reflecting Modern Backup Storage usage.
  • In some scenarios, re-protecting an inactive workload re-calculates the required disk space to be excessively large
  • Modify Protection Group operation may take a long time, while protecting large number of client machines in a single protection group
  • In SQL Always On configuration with a Failover cluster backup, sometimes the backups will fail because the backup preferences are not honored.
  • Pre and Post Backup scripts don’t work with RCT based Hyper-V workloads
  • Hyper-V VM protection fails when the total size of the VM file name and DPM mount path is more than 256 characters.
  • Consistency check for deduped enabled NTFS volumes fails with error: ID 30134 Details: Cannot create a file when that file already exists (0x800700B7)
  • SharePoint backup fails when SQL server is different domain than the front-end SharePoint server. Refer More Information section for additional details.
  • DPM console crashes when attempting to restore clustered VMs with network throttling turned on.
  • In addition to these, all the issues fixed in SC DPM 2016 Update Rollup 9 and prior UR for DPM 2016 are also included in SC DPM 2016 UR10.

Other Improvements and Features

  • SCDPM 2016 UR10 has a new optimized capability for backup data migration. For details on the new feature refer to the documentation here.

Known Issue

  • Latest report files are not automatically updated after installing the Update Rollup 10. Learn more.

Note: A fresh installation of the Update Rollup Agent could cause a restart of the protected server.

KB article: Update Rollup 10 for System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager
New Build: 5.0.622.0


Operations Manager

Improvements and issues that are fixed

  • Management Pack Import is now compatible for SCOM 2007 –> SCOM 2016 Upgrade version when upgraded directly or Indirectly.
  • The exception which blocked further progress when the user attempted to configure web application availability monitoring has been fixed.
  • The security issue regarding reverse tabnabbing has been fixed in the operations manager web console.
  • Fixed the Cross-site Scripting (XSS) related security issue in the operations manager web console.
  • The cmdlet Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration has been fixed to give a correct summary of the applicable monitors, rules and overrides on an object.
  • Quarterly report end date will be shown correctly for the first quarter when the “From” field is selected as “First day of previous quarter” and “To” field is selected as “Last day of previous quarter”.
  • Reports have been fixed to not show objects which have been deleted before the selected start time.
  • VB scripts for partition and grooming, calculate operations manager free space and detecting duplicate agent will now run without failure even if SNAC or MSOLEDBSQL are not installed.
  • The issue regarding the TLS 1.2 compatibility in the OleDB module has been fixed. It is no longer mandatory for the provider element to be the first reference in the connection string.
  • Fix has been provided for when the monitor erroneously turned critical due to the URL module incorrectly parsing the charset header value.
  • The  .NET API  issue regarding scheduling reports via the schedule management wizard has now been fixed.
  • Performance improvement: Added “Recompile” hint to the stored procedures “p_SelectForTypeCache” and “p_SelectForNewTypeCache” that run frequently on SCOM DB.

KB article: Update Rollup 10 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager

Download: KB4580254

New build: 7.2.12324.0


Service Manager

Improvements and issues that are fixed

  • Users will be able to scroll seamlessly on all standard forms under work items tab.
  • When a user opens manual activity from any Incident Request or Change Request form and executes custom task, it will execute without any error.
  • Surface devices imported by SCCM connector will not be marked as virtual machines.
  • End user will be able to update his/her requests even if the user is removed as an affected user from their requests through Self Service Portal.
  • Enhancements to start-up time of the SDK service have been implemented which prevents any slowness.
  • End users will now be able to read/update the manual activity from Self Service Portal.
  • Supports the SCCM 1806, 1810, 1902, 1906, 1910, 2002 and 2006 releases. However, the size of the devices that are supported by SCCM is limited to less than 2 PB.
  • The logging on Self Service Portal logs will now show Process ID, Thread ID and Date/Time.
  • When a user deletes a service offering category, it will verify if there is any offering with that category. If available, it will prevent the deletion and a window pops up to delete Service offerings.
  • Users will be able to hide the count of ‘In progress’ activities which is shown on “My Activities” tab in Self-service portal by adding a new setting called “CalculateNotificationsCount” in web.config file and setting its value to false.
  • Enables support for MSOLEDBSQL driver so that users may move from SQL Native Client. Manual steps are required to use MSOLEDBSQL driver with SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS), which are provided in the article.

KB article: Update Rollup 10 for System Center 2016 Service Manager
Download: KB4580255
New build: 7.5.7487.231


Virtual Machine Manager

Issues that are fixed

  • VM cross cluster migration fails intermittently when SOFS file share is used as shared storage.
  • Performance counter ‘NetworkIOsent’ returning incorrectly as 0 when running the command Get-SCPerformanceData -VM $VM -PerformanceCounter ‘NetworkIOSent.
  • If a cluster is provisioned with local disks using external storage and same drive letters are assigned to disks on different nodes of cluster, then VMM shows duplicate drives. If a VM is created on one of these disks, then VM refresh might fail.
  • Performance counter data extracted using the rule “Micrososft.SystemCenter.VirtualMahcineManager.2016.CLoudUsageCollection ” is not stored correctly in OperationsManagerDW DB.
  • Port mirroring information configured by SDN gets cleared by SCVMM.
  • For a VM when a self-service user is granted/revoked access, although the VM is visible, but the console connect permissions are not granted/revoked readily. Hence the console connect for the VM fails for self-service user until VM is refreshed.
  • Replication health status is displayed incorrectly in VMM with respect to Hyper-V replication health status.
  • VMM to SCOM Integration fails to discover some objects like Host due to DiscoveryDataInvalidRelationshipSourceException in one or more Connectors for VSwitchHostsVPort relationship.
  • Creating a VM with VM Template where answer file is used and either Windows OS 7,8 or 10 is selected, results in “unable to find a value for one or more required Sysprep parameters” error.

Other Improvements and Features

  • Support renewal of self-signed certificates generated by VMM. The new cmdlets are available here.


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