Blog to be discontinued

As you might have noticed, I have not had time to write anything on my blog in the last few months, and therefore I have come to a decision that I will discontinue my blog.

It’s been a great run for a few years, however I have chosen to spend a lot more time close to my girlfriend, my family and my friends. I’ve also recently changed work which means I do no longer work with System Center products, which makes it difficult to keep up with these amazing products, but as for most, there’s a point in life where you need to move forward.

I hope my blog has helped at least some people out there, please do feel free to download any guides or save them!

I want to give a big THANK YOU for all the support you have given me, I wish you all good luck in the future, and I hope the community keeps on going strong by helping each other out by sharing information and being passionate about it! 🙂

Best regards,

3 thoughts on “Blog to be discontinued”

    1. Fully understand your motivations. && Still sad to see you moving …

      Wish you all the best in your new role && Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!


  1. Sorry to see u go Leon. You have resolved many of my SCOM issues.

    I am happy that you have given priority to your social life.. Well done mate!

    If you don’t mind, can I ask which technology are you upto?



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